Chemical balance/ filter cleaning

We specialize in the area's best chemical and filter cleanig service for only $50 per month!!!

STOP paying to buy, pickup, store and apply chemicals to balance your own pool!  For our proud "do it yourself" customers, we offer a chemical / filter cleaning service. For only $50 per month, we balance the PH, chlorine, total alkalinity,calcium hardness,and add stabilizer twice per year, and  handle monthly filter cleaning. We also keep an eye on all pool equipment. If anything breaks, we can fix it. From leak detection to heater installs, we do it all..

Full Service Pool Care

With our Full Service pool care, the only thing that you must do, is enjoy your pool!

Our Full Service plan entails weekly vac, net, wall and step brushing, emptying of skimmer and pump baskets, monthly filter cleaning and of course, chemical balancing. Everything is taken care of for you.We also monitor the pool equipment and can install anything. Full service requires an estimate. Normal cost is $75-$95 per month, depending on size, folliage, etc.